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Asset Curation allows you to build assets that align with your heart. It’s investment advice built around your needs by using smart technology.

What is Asset Curation?

Asset Curation is a whole new approach to engaging with your wealth. It’s about leveraging technology to curate radically new assets that you are aligned with. Your wealth, designed for you in a simpler, better way irrespective of how large or small your portfolio is.

With Asset Curation, you can provide a loan to an organic farmer, invest in an innovative startup or even an established global company.

The opportunities are endless. You can start off on this journey by signing up for our flagship initiative, The Catalyst Program.

The Asset Curation Feed

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The Catalyst Program makes it all happen

Curated for you

Powered by our matching engine, the in-house chatbot, captures your preferences and shows you assets best suited to you. It’s all about your needs and aspirations without any conflict of interest.

The widest asset universe

Asset curation involves accessing everything from stocks and bonds across the world to peer-to-peer lending opportunities, equity crowd-raises and more! Our widespread network of analysts rate these assets across multiple metrics and bring them to you.

Always by your side

Our web and mobile dashboard rates your assets across risk, return, currency sensitivity and maturity. It allows you to stay on top of your wealth across banks and brokers. All of this brought to you for a monthly subscription of USD 10 (INR 599) irrespective of your net-worth.

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