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We are the world's first asset curation advisors

Asset Curation is a whole new approach to engaging with your wealth. It’s about leveraging technology to curate radically new assets that you are aligned with. Your wealth, designed for you in simpler, better way.

What is Asset Curation?

Until now, investment advisory involved you handing over your money to a large, impersonal financial institution or placing it in a fund that made decisions on your behalf. Your options were restrictive and didn’t really address you or your needs. Building a portfolio was a tedious task since you didn’t really resonate with the companies your were invested in.
But that’s about to change. We use smart technology to build a portfolio of assets from across the world that you can resonate with. As licensed advisors, we works as fiduciaries so we’re not selling you products. Instead we're working in your best interests to build wealth that’s relevant. It’s not just a platform, but a philosophy, a new way of engaging with your wealth. It’s not asset management, but asset curation. Want to know more? Let us know by signing up below.

The Catalyst Program

The Catalyst Program is a revolutionary new way of doing things. Instead of managing money for you, our Asset Matching engine curates assets that are relevant for you. Our Investment Counsellors guide you through critical decisions to ensure you’re on the right path. With plans starting from as little as USD 10/month, you now have the freedom to engage with a wide variety of assets. We’re not just talking stocks and bonds but peer to peer lending networks, crowd-raising platforms, blockchain ledgers and more. Interested? Sign up below to join the waitlist!.

Local Chapter

What does a 21st century analyst look like? In a world where the asset universe is expanding exponentially, what does investment analysis look like? Potential opportunities might range from a design firm in India, to a coffee shop in California, to a loan to a farmer in Europe and maybe even a multinational based in the UK.As technology allows us to automate several mundane tasks, we’re creating a dynamic network of analysts that develop insights on our asset universe. Benefits include a financial contribution for the work taken on, access to our crowd-sourced feeds as well as weekly webinars. Sounds interesting? Then sign up below!

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Meet the Team

Siddharth Sthalekar
Founder & CEO

Jonas Hunter
Head | Technology

Puja Roongta
Head | The Catalyst

Sima Sanghvi
Head | Branding & Communications

Deepika Asthana
Head | The Local Chapter

Rohinee Sharma
Head | Fundraising and Engagement with Shareholders

Siddharth Sthalekar A graduate of IIM Ahmedabad, Siddharth was the head of one of India’s largest derivatives and algorithmic trading platforms for institutions. The 2008 financial crisis led him to question the mainstream approach towards advisory and fund management. In 2011 he moved to the Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad where he worked and explored radically different economic paradigms and models for 4 years.

2015 saw the birth of Sacred Capital, an eco-system of users and analysts that drive the philosophy of ‘Asset Curation’. Over the past 8 years, Siddharth has spoken at hundreds of public forums - from weekly features on television channels, to academic institutions like MIT, platforms for ideas like TEDx and more. He believes we are poised to make a cultural shift from an ‘asset based approach to a currency based paradigm’ - a philosophy that drives the culture at Sacred Capital

Sima Sanghvi Based out of San Francisco, Sima has more than a decade of experience in marketing and communication strategies for some of the largest healthcare organisation in the world. Her journey with Sacred Capital began in the early stages of the organisation, and today she’s anchoring the organisation’s communication strategy with it’s eco-system at large - users, analysts and shareholders.

Deepika Asthana has over 10 years’ experience working in the Indian stock broking industry. She has gleaned knowledge and expertise on the many aspects of sell side broking and has worked across various roles which included equity sales, derivatives sales, derivatives research and macro research with organisations like D.E. Shaw. Since 2015, she has focused on her gifts as a writer with publications in leading publications in the country as well as a book published by Harper Collins. Her quest for more progressive models for research brought her to Sacred Capital where she has been giving shape to radical new models for analysis

Puja Roongta A masters in economics and an MBA led her to work for 8 years with some of the leading brokerage desks in India. Like Siddharth. the 2008 crisis led her to question mainstream models for finance and she spent 4 years with Akanksha Foundation, one of the leading nonprofits in the country. She has now returned to the world of finance with a renewed mission - to change the way individuals across the world engage with wealth.

Jonas Hunter built his first company, InnovaWorks, with locations in Irvine and Macedonia, developing enterprise solutions in the telecommunications and education space. Since selling his company in 2010 he has explored the intersection of business and value. His search has led him to working with various non-profits and social businesses. More recently he grew the organisation ‘Kiss The Ground’ from conception to strong operations. His search for a business model that is more reflective of the 21st century context led him to Sacred Capital in late 2016.

Rohinee Sharma has 15 years of Institutional Equities experience advising institutions across Asia and looking to invest in India. Having worked with some of India and South East Asia’s leading investment banks like - JP Morgan and JM Financial, she has had the opportunity to work with sophisticated institutions that rely on fundamental analysis of listed stocks and those that scoured for opportunities in IPO candidates and secondary offerings. Over the years, she has also been an avid explorer of the arts, with training in method acting - Lee Strasberg style, comedic improv and bringing out the ‘authentic voice’. Her creative bent has been critical in helping Sacred Capital explore new financial structures and means for raising capital. She anchors fundraising out of Singapore.

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