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Our story


We believe innovations in blockchain technology are fundamentally changing designs for money. As ‘wealth’ becomes fluid it’s shifting the way people engage with it. Sacred Capital’s expertise and technology listens to people, learns who they are, and then curates new economy assets that are best matched to them. Suggestions range from peer to peer lending opportunities, blockchain tokens and ‘mother currencies’ - an innovation that’s unique to Sacred Capital.

Our distributed network of analysts explore and rate organisations across the world and bring them to our platform. The analyst network and matching technology form the foundation of Asset Curation, a new approach to investment advisory and fund management.

We’re headquartered in Singapore but our team is spread out globally - across LA, Mumbai, Singapore and SF. We are currently working with select groups of users and analysts and plan to roll out formally through a crowdraise in November 2017.

Our mission

Sacred Capital’s mission is for people to experience true joy through an empowered relationship with their wealth that aligns with their aspirations, needs and dreams.

Our vision

We believe that wealth should be defined by your well-being and harmony rather than being a thing in the distance. Our journey will help enable money flow in a way that strengthens everything around us.

Meet the team

Sid Jonas Puja Sima Deepika Rohinee
Aakash Pravesh Meghna Rina Akshay
Jugen Super Being Saara

Want to help build the future of Asset Curation?

Join the mission: At Sacred Capital, we’re looking for talented people who can join us. We’re headquartered in Mumbai but our team is spread out across San Francisco, LA, London, Singapore and India. If you’re an inspired analyst who would like to join our network, or a tech developer who wants to be part of the revolution, reach out now! If you’d like to join as a volunteer as an asset curation enthusiast, let us know.

Invest in us: Our well-wishers have included leading investment bankers, McKinsey partners and individuals from the development world. Want to shape the future of meaningful finance? Get in touch. We would love to share plans for our equity crowd-raise later this year.